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    Choosing the Best Gym Wear is the first step towards achieving fitness goals.

    VIKN stocks a wide range of gym and fitness clothing for men and women. So, you want to gym in style and comfort? Explore our The Best Gym Wear Clothing online at VIKN.

    VIKN is a brand that aims to spark the movement of fitness and health. With a never-ending desire for fulfilling the ambitions of self-improvement and fitness, our purpose is to make people realize the magic of health with grace and beauty.

    In pursuit of our mission, we offer the most comfortable, stylish, and perfect activewear for men and women. VIKN makes the best gym wear, fitness wear, streetwear and bodybuilding clothing. Our focus is not only the products but keeping people in style, beauty, strength, and flexibility. It empowers them to thrive best with their respective goals.

    We believe ‘fitness should be in style with comfort’ and we pride ourselves by providing high-quality trendy designs. We feel it is our responsibility to empower you on the journey towards fitness. Our unrivalled designs and an incredible fit gives you an unwavering performance during your gym sessions, park runs, dance work-outs, or marathon training.

    Our dedication towards perfection thrills us to offer not just trendy and stylish but durable and comfortable gym clothes for your perfect workout sessions.

    VIKN is not only an Activewear brand but an inspiration for people of all different sizes and shapes to believe in themselves and strive hard to achieve their fitness and health goals. Wearing VIKN makes you feel a part of the fitness community searching continuously for health and fitness with an untiring attitude towards their ambitions.

    What are our Specialities?

    • Individually designed for your best fit
    • Extremely comfortable, stylish and durable
    • Squat-Proof interlink fabric
    • Best Quality with affordable price
    • Easy returns

    Bodybuilding Clothing

    Check out our bodybuilding apparel for all your toughest workouts and weight lifting needs!

    With years of experience of bodybuilding, we at VIKN personally understand the needs of hardcore bodybuilders. We know bodybuilders love the dresses that are comfortable, durable, functional, and trendy. It helps in lifting their heavy physique with style.

    With the aim of providing the best product, we take every clothing as a challenge. From choosing the best fabric to styling and comfort, each stitch is sewn considering the hard-earned physique of bodybuilders. We promise our bodybuilding clothes are your perfect and strong companions during bodybuilding sessions and competitions.

    Streetwear Clothing

    The best online choice for Hip Hop and streetwear clothing is at VIKN!

    If you love trendy and cool styles than you are in the right place. Here we offer you all that a streetwear heart desires.No matter what kind of the streetwear you are leaning towards, we offer a wide variety of streetwear and HIP Hop clothes at affordable prices.

    We are proud to be offering the best streetwear clothing in Australia for street dancers, skaters and hip hop communities. Whether you are chasing for a slim-fit outfit or baggy-style clothes, we got covered every style for every occasion. From pants, hoodies and t-shirts to hats, bags and sneakers, we have everything for you.

    Shop our comfortable, innovative and durable activewear at affordable prices

    Whether you are a fitness lover or hardcore bodybuilder, we cover workout outfits for all! Our deep understanding and experience of the gym workouts make us capable of offering the best fit fitness clothes for you. We are the real supporters of men and women who are struggling hard to sculpt their bodies. We promise our incredible range of gym apparel builds confidence in you and increase your gym proficiency.